Neanderthal Tales
Neanderthal Tales

The New EP

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The Band

Mark Sokoll Bass Guitar & Vocals

Tydal Canon Guitars & Bass Guitar

Rick Beenders Drums


Rich O'Brien Drums


Jim Sullivan Drums

The Battle Hath Begun


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  • In Effect Hardcore Magazine (NYC)

    “What I like about “NEANDERTHAL TALES”is that these songs mix shit up… there is no singular pattern that they stick to. Just for that, this EP gets some bonus points.” “Could I see Metalheads in leather vests marching down the street with torches and this as their theme songs? Perhaps.”

    “Overall, I feel CHAKA are off to a great start, just from their approach. “

    January 2020
  • Metalnoise

    “The sludgy bass sounds of “Flak” give it a dirty raw sound that combines the sounds of Motorhead with Crowbar and Cro-Mags to create a blood-and-thunder affair, with Sokoll playing the Cave Man throughout and it is beer-drinking good fun. The uptempo drive of the track keeps the fires burning and the sonics are less primitive than meet the eye (ear) .”

    “A couple of neat tempo shifts move from a slower Doom-laden sound to a raw, Hardcore-Punk one with a fuzzy bass sound that is abrasive enough to be on a Black Metal album.”

    April 2020
  • Contaminated Tones

    “I read the lyrics to the songs before I actually listened to the music, and was astonished at just how well-written the content was on that end… Mark Sokoll’s lyrics are witty, thoughtful, and clever… CHAKA has several strong components going for them beyond the theme. Mark Sokoll’s vocal performance is passionate and vibrant…The bass-heavy tones are refreshing for the genre. CHAKA rinsed away my skepticism and misgivings. Neanderthal Tales is more than anything else, proof that originality can still be found in the foundational Metal genres.”

    May 2020
  • Guillotine Fanzine (NYC)

    “While elements of Doom and Hardcore rear their heads throughout this rather short 4-song EP, the main strain showing glaring prominence is the sludgy, speaker-fraying, super-amped Metal that raises the eyebrows & the adrenaline for sure. Definitely not for the weaker folks out there. You can score a copy through Bandcamp, if yer brave enough…”

    June 2020

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